The Ultimate
Durable Sock

Anti-Abrasion Durability Yarn

BLUEGUARD® High strength filament polymers are bound and engineered to create our high strength Anti-Abrasion durability yarn. BLUEGUARD® yarn together with the highest expertise in knitting technology has produced a lifetime guaranteed sock that has set a new benchmark in durability.

BLUEGUARD® Anti-Abrasion Engineering

  • 8x Polymer Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High Flex
  • Low Moisture Absorption
  • Quick Dry

BLUEGUARD® Abrasion Resistance is conducted under independent laboratory conditions to British Standard BS EN 13770:2002. Maximum abrasion is tested until a breakdown occurs (a hole). The higher the maximum abrasion, the more durable the textiles potential.

BLUEGUARD® socks have achieved an amazing 925,000 maximum abrasion cycles.

Scientifically tested over 46x more durable than a standard branded sport sock

Branded Tough Sock
Branded Kevlar Sock
Branded Digger Sock
Branded Heavy Sock
Branded Copper Sock
Branded Gio Boot Sock
Branded Dun Safety Sock
Branded Construction Sock
Trade Workwear Sock
Retail Work Sock
Cotton Dress Sock
Branded Sport Sock

All abrasion ratings are based upon results conducted under laboratory conditions. Results based on testing samples according to British Standard BS EN 13770:2002


A durable sock is pointless unless it’s comfortable enough to wear all day long, even in the most demanding conditions.

BLUEGUARD® Comfort+ Features

  • Comfort Fit
  • Cotton Rich Body
  • Reinforced Toe Seam
  • Arch Support
  • Extended Heel
  • Full Cushion
  • Air Ventilation Panel